Oslo Arm Chair

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Oslo Arm Chair is chairs from Piguno Indonesia modern contemporary furniture collections.Indonesia wooden furniture with leather upholstery

One of the best collection of Wisanka is wooden furniture which is combined with leather upholstery – especially genuine leather. It may change your room becomes an elegant one ever. A long time ago, genuine leather was only used by wealthy people. It was a kind of symbol which is used by the upper classes to state their opulence. Todays leather are commonly used by all circles. Nevertheless, its elegance sense can be obtained still by its users.

Oslo Arm Chair

Inpired by the elegancy paradigm of genuine leather upholstery, we try to create and design an elegant chair in modern and minimalist touch on design – Oslo Arm Chair. For the material, we use teak wood and genuine leather in black color. Teak wood is type of wood has a great reputation. Combination of teak wood and genuine leather is a great choice of stating an elegancy. Furthermore it is finished in NC wood stain in natural teak color with 30% glossy. While this wooden furniture belongs to scandinavian furniture range in terms of design. Oslo arm chair is indonesia teak wood furniture having a modern design and able to increase your room’s elegancy.

1.Code : –

2.Material : Teak wood, genuine leather, standard foam

3.Category : Living room

4.Dimension (cm): 70 x 58 x 60 (HxWxD)

5.Color : NC

6.Description : Oslo Arm Chair

Oslo Arm Chair contemporary furniture.

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