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Piguno Indonesia offers Indonesia furniture, decorative lighting, furniture projects, handicraft online and Indonesia home decor, all products with export quality for retail and wholesale prices. Hospitality furniture for projects, Furniture supplier, wholesale and manufacture.

Indonesia furniture, Lighting & Craft
Indonesia Furniture, Wholesale Indonesia furniture

Indonesia furniture

Welcome to Piguno, perfect choice for high quality of Indonesia furniture product with 23 years of experience. As one of the leading furniture manufacturer, Piguno has become a leader in Indonesia Furniture export industry. We will provide you with passionate service to fulfill any requirement and needs to achieve customers satisfaction.

Our managerial expertise, highly skill workmanship and creativity of our people will deliver a multi beneficial business relationship as well as high quality product. The long journey of experiences in Indonesia furniture manufacturer, made us strong in sustaining and steering our business. Our business grows positively.

We are a Furniture for Hotel and Resort Supplier from Piguno Indonesia. Hotel and Resort Project Premier Line is well-versed hotel & resort furniture. We have furnished several hotel project in both Indonesia (Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali and Bandung) and countries abroad (Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Maldives, Bahrain, Austria, India, USA, Croatia, Panama, Australia, and UEA).

Recognizing the essential between furniture and hotel industry, lead us to be well know hotel and resort furniture supplier. Hitherto our products that has been displaying in hotels are getting great appreciation from hotels management…

Nowadays, lighting is more than just a light. When the decorative lamps lighted out, it is like a flower of lotus on the lake. Alter the expression is the assumption that only serves as a torch. Besides, lighting concept can provide a dierent psychological eect on residents. Thus, this website brings a modern lighting design in wide range of choice.

We are a leading of Indonesian Export company and manufacturer of Rattan Lamp, Resin Lamp, Modern Lamp, Natural Lamp, and handicraft, which located in Cirebon. Our lamp product woven by…