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Piguno are Indonesia furniture directly from Indonesian furniture manufacturer, furniture supplier and exporter based in Solo, Central Java. We are also exporter of indoor teak furniture to modern outdoor furniture, furniture for hotel project, decorative lighting, home decor & handicrafts at a competitive wholesale prices with high-quality furniture products for homes, restaurant, resorts, villas, apartments, private house and hotel projects (FF & E).
Furthermore, many different types of furniture available in Indonesia such as Java teak furniture, Indoor mahogany furniture, Outdoor furniture Indonesia, indoor teak furniture, contemporary modern furniture, Javanese furniture, reclaimed teak furniture, colonial furniture, Jepara classic furniture, teak root furniture, teak branch furniture, Synthetic rattan furniture, Alloy casting furniture, solid teak furniture, stainless steel furniture, kids furniture, Old Javanese furniture, also fitting furniture for private furniture projects.

Welcome to wooden & rattan furniture supplier in Indonesia ….. For all retailers, wholesalers, owner shop, projects manager, Interior design, importer, buying agent, trading company, private house, hotelier, and others … finally, we are your partner furniture manufacturer in Asia. Also, we sell teak furniture in local retail shop, Solo & Jakarta city ……..  Therefore, if any inquiry about our products and services … don’t hesitate to contact us!

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All of you are welcome …. If you have any hospitality furniture projects or have inquiry any Interior furniture design, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will get back to you soon, Let’s work together, no projects too big or too small.

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Piguno start in furniture business and growing to decorative lighting and craft. We are established in 1993 at Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. Piguno has 2 retail shop & several warehouses in Java island, such as Cirebon, Jepara, Klaten and Solo city. Now, piguno has interior design team to support furniture projects for hotel.
Focusing on produce world-class quality, using the best selection of materials from teak wood, recycled Teak, wooden mahogany and many other local wood (Supplier kayu). As well as combining with other materials such as metal, rattan, stainless, etc. Our wooden materials came directly from legal wood and we also used kiln dry to make sure that the wood moisture is low enough to minimize any risk.
Ask our marketing with tips on what to look for when buying furniture.

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Aside from that, the rapid sale of Indonesia furniture to worldwide markets including to the importer, wholesaler and retailer of furniture that has become a regular customer of PIGUNO and we also doing some series of hospitality furniture projects both locally and worldwide, that is why we conclude that in every new hotel built definitely need good furniture. That is why Piguno Hotel and Resort furniture project exists to supply hospitality furniture.

With world growth in many sectors including businesses around the world, this has good consequences for supplying furniture for hotels, restaurants, resorts, villas, residences, apartment and public facilities.
We also do hotel furniture projects both locally and globally, which is why we conclude that in every new hotel that is built it definitely needs good furniture. For the reason that Piguno Hotel and Resort furniture project exists to supply hospitality interior furniture. Furniture for hotel.

Piguno furniture proudly present our serious commitment by supplying the finest Indonesian furniture for hotel and resort projects with our nine warehouses, therefore we always providing Indonesia furniture in various range of materials, products and design both indoor furniture, also outdoor furniture, decorative lighting & Indonesia handicrafts, we do believe it would give you wider range for a better choice. Furniture for hotel projects.

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