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Indonesia indoor furniture

Indonesia indoor furniture, indoor teak furniture, indoor mahogany furniture

Piguno offers Indonesian indoor furniture direct from a leading export furniture company and manufacturer located in Klaten, Solo, Central of Java. With more than 20 years experience in manufacturing and exporting qualified homeware and furniture to worldwide, we have been building a great reputation. It’s not only by maintaining product quality, we build our great reputation by maintaining great service and always keeps our characteristic – 100% handmade products.

For this range of furniture, that is Indonesia wooden indoor furniture design, we usually apply  NC finishing and paint in various colors on wooden material – we may provide the other kind of wooden finishing materials such as laquer, PU, etc. Sometimes, we also apply fine sanding. Furthermore we have a kind of wood stain wooden finishing range we called “washed” – by applying stain color (NC and/or paint) to furniture’s surface then wipe it. Beside, we also has a unique range of finishing named distressed. Our products, homeware and furniture in indoor furniture, are made by a qualified wooden materials such as wooden mahogany and teak wood. All products are handmade by Indonesian professional and experienced craftsmen.

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