Furniture Sale & Happy New year 2022

Happy New Year 2022

Furniture Sale 2022

Getting the true magic in Carrine Bed and Carrine Bedside!

Presenting a new bed collection of us named as Carrine bed. It is coming out with two bed sides. Carrine bed is made of Indonesian teak wood combined with rattan on its headboard. So does Carrine bed side, it’s also made of teak wood combined with rattan on its drawer. We are very keen to highlight and expose natural value which is so beautiful and warm in our collection by applying natural colors. By applying natural colors, wooden grain will be very clearly visible.

Happy New year 2022 & Furniture Sale 2022

By putting wooden and rattan bedroom set into your room, you will get a very warm room atmosphere instantly. You will feel its warmth even if you spend your Christmas by yourselves. You will still shave a very deep sleep and have sweet dreams in comfort on Carrine bed. That is where you find the true magic in your life.

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Dimension: (HWD)

Carrine Bed : 100 x 160 x 200 (cm)

Carrine Bed Side : 50 x 50 x 40 (cm)

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