Garden Teak Furniture

People love to decorate their home with  different kinds of objects such as furniture, art works, wall decorations, wares and other accessories. It is used for outdoor liing areas as well such as garden, yard, patio, swimming pool, conservatory, porch and terrace that are usually equipped with outdoor furniture to complement the green space.

There are many materials tailored as outdoor furniture such as metal, plastic and wood, or fiber.  Because of many options of materials, usually homeowners choose to use durable and quality material as their garden  furniture. From many types of wood, teak wood is a favorite for enthusiasts of garden teak furniture due to many benefits  it has. Here are the benefits of teak as garden furniture:

Garden Teak Furniture



Teak wood is classified as  one of the high quality wood for woodworking since years ago. It has been proven by ancient people choice on teak wood as the material of marine applications and ship building. It can be seen that teak is durable wood for garden furniture.

Weather and Termite Resistance

Teak is also known resists to snow, rain, summer, and humidity since it has oil content and dense grain that makes it stronger compared to other kind of hardwood. Beside that, teak is anti termite, bugs free and fungus. Teak has silica that keeps the wood from rot, powder, bugs even in the bad weather, sunlight exposure, or less or even without maintenance.

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Low Maintenance

Teak furniture is related with low fare of budget in term of furniture maintenance. It needs less finishing since it has natural oil content. Many people love to have their teak garden furniture stay on its natural colour or unfinished to make it keep the beautiful rich brown colour or aged into grey colour independently.

In Style

There are many designs of teak furniture for garden space. You can select the most appropriate style to match the concept of your home and garden. You need to pay attention as well to the size of the furniture in order to fit your space and easy enough to move if it is needed.


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