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Reclaimed teak furniture, Indonesia boat teak furniture, Recycle teak furniture, Wholesale teak furniturePiguno reclaimed teak furniture Indonesia made from reclaimed and recycled teak wooden custom manufacturing also available. An awesome selection of various sized reclaimed and recycled use a combination of new with old wood to construct which looks solid furnishings with hand crafted material that has great characteristics for outdoor / garden use.

Indonesia reclaimed teak wood furniture become popular enormously resilient and retains about the integrity well used piece of furniture for all experience. Design of unique with high-end formed tables, chairs and benches old teak lumber.

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Piguno – reclaimed teak wood Collection for All-weather and premium teak table, chair and bench. Durable strands with a rustproof and also consists of many products created boasts all of the beauty and benefits, manufactured by skilled craftsmen. Complementary styles that use materials such as reclaimed woods for everyday living built by reliable Indonesia furniture manufacturer base in Solo with and Eco-friendly focused factory specialize in the design and manufacture of both outdoor furniture and indoor furniture purposes is fully sustainable with a great durability as well as strength to the piece.

Indonesia reclaimed furniture, Recycled teak furniture, Indonesia furniture

Piguno offers Indonesia reclaimed furniture, Recycle teak wood furniture, rustic furniture Online direct from Indonesia supplier, furniture manufacture.

Welcome to Indonesia reclaimed teak furniture! The right place where you can find wide range of reclaimed teak furniture including boat wood furniture, rustic wood furniture and recycle furniture for your shopper. Reclaimed teak is a type of teak wood that have undergone in naturally drying over time long enough to decades. The main idea is still about teak wood but for reclaimed furniture, we use different part. By utilizing roots and teaks branch combining with an idea, creativity and skill those furniture becomes booming in some country. No less interesting than reclaimed teak furniture is boat wood furniture.

The recycled teak combine with stainless steel, iron and durable poly fibers and reliable outdoor fabrics. Pure minimalist shapes and natural untreated materials work to create unique furniture pieces of comfort and beauty. Complete your store with nature stuff from our reclaimed teak furnitureboat wood furniture, and rustic wood furniture more recycle teak furniture.

Concept of Recycled Teak is the processing to make furniture using recycled teak wood furniture or old wooden with former quality, while supporting conservation efforts that encouraged world countries in realizing the mission of “Go Green” and keeping the earth (Save Earth). Using old wood (recycled teak) materials which can be recycled, then manufacturing of furniture using the former wood capable in creating Eco-friendly of furniture business, because it isn’t by cutting down any trees (new).

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Piguno IndonesiaIndonesia teak wooden furniture manufacturers
Email : info(at)piguno.com Phone +62 272 555 888

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Piguno – Reclaimed outdoor furniture that’s beautifully hand-carved, a sustainable plantation teak to produce Indonesian teak garden furniture. Beautifully aged of weathered wood which is sustainability Sourced Solo teak furniture with all range style design 100% natural without chemical treatment producing high quality wood furniture made in chic shades paired, and also glamorous surfaces make this beautiful, tropical hardwood is more highly valued.

wholesale reclaimed teak furniture

Indonesia reclaimed teak furniture collection is crafted with based on extremely durable hardwood, which become the perfect addition for your outdoor home space area.

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