Lisabon synthetic rattan living set

Lisabon Living Set consists of several parts, viz. 1 Lisabon Arm Chair with Dimension 76.5 cm (h) x 80 cm (w) x 75.5 cm (d), 1 Lisabon Corner 76.5 cm (h) x 85.5 cm (w) x 85.5 cm (d), 2 Lisabon Left/Right Arms 76.5 cm (h) x 70 cm (w) x 85.5 cm (d), 3 Lisabon MIddle 76.5 cm (h) x 60 cm (w) x 85.5 cm (d) and 1 Lisabon Coffe Table 35 cm (h) x 86 cm (w) x 86 cm (d). Lisabon Living Set woven by synthetic rattan in Creamy Gray Color and Honey color in cushion.

Black and Light Brown

Synthetic Rattan with Foam