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What else you need for your beautiful garden or patio? You definitely need garden furniture on it. Garden furniture collection presented by Indonesian Garden Teak furniture is ranging from various designs, size and material, so it will accomplish any kind of garden or outdoor spaces. Customers may adjust all the furniture purchased with their needs and taste; some may adjust it with the space available to create comfortable patio and garden.

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Wholesale garden teak furniture, Indonesia garden furniture, Indoor teak furnitureThe collection offered is made from various materials, such as solid teak, synthetic rattan, stainless steel and cast alloy. Each material also combines with other material to create distinctive design and impression.  Garden Teak offers the finest collection of garden teak furniture.

As seen in the picture above, a set of garden furniture, Walker sets with six pieces Walker folding chairs. This kind of furniture may be a solution for your barbeque party or outdoor lunch party. It contains more chairs thus more people invited to join your party. The chairs are also able to fold when unused. It really saves the space. Other furniture sets collection may enable to accomplish other style of patio or garden.

Garden Teak also presents more furniture in single item or loose furniture collection, such as sun beds, chairs, stools, tables and many more.  This collection also made in various materials like furniture sets, to deliver the impression of uniqueness to all the customers.

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Indonesia furniture company offers all kinds of Indonesia furniture, teak garden furniture wholesale, indoor teak furniture, rattan furniture, reclaimed teak furniture for retail, wholesale & furniture projects for hospitality.
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