Garden Teak Furniture: Winter Care

When it comes to garden furniture, every people would search some durable, sturdy, ample kind of furniture. This is not something that is people want to skip of since these characteristics are final for garden furniture. As we all know selection of garden furniture and indoor furniture are slightly different. For indoor furniture, many materials are suit to furniture indoor living, while for outdoor one, one cannot pick carelessly for their garden furniture.

There are many materials of garden furniture has been people’s choice for many years. They are wood, wrought iron, rattan, plastic, and others. In term of wood, there is one kind of wood that is born to beautify people’s garden hat is teak wood. Teak, Latin name is Tectona Grandis, is premium timber for garden furniture for its characteristics and benefits.

Garden Teak FurnitureTeak wood is perfect for many countries although they are subtropical ones. However, when it comes wintertime, there is tricky problem for the garden teak furniture. Since people or homeowners will be inside the house almost all the time so that, the furniture is unused and need to store. The problems are around the storage, maintenance and all about protection of garden teak furniture when winter comes.

There are some ways to treat garden teak furniture in winter:

  1. Cover the furniture with breathable garden furniture cover. By covering them, then you save time in working with removing bird dropping, dirt, mildew, or moss.  You need to be sure that selected cover is breathable fabric as it is important to have air circulation beneath the furniture. Not having enough air circulation, it may cause mildew in the future.
  2. Furniture with moving parts should be covered as well in order to have them in the same position or not loosing the tightness.
  3. Above all, fixed garden teak furniture can be left outside without any treatment in order to gain weathered and dramatic look or grey colour of the pieces.

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